Produced in association with Project Arts Centre, 25th August – 11 September 2004.


Richard and Corinne have moved to the country –

To get away from the city …

Martin Crimp’s The Country is a highly compelling and sexually charged drama that uncovers the darker side of the country idyll. This gripping play unearths the desire, deceit and power struggles that lie beneath.


Fiona Bell, Declan Conlon, Fiona O’Shaughnessy

Annabelle Comyn

Set and costume design
Paul O’Mahony

Lighting design
Kevin Smith

Sound design and composition
Philip Stewart


Annabelle Comyn … brings all her experience of working with precise, detailed writing to bear on this production, creating a gripping, tense evocation of a relationship … the focus here is on a single text and three actors, and under Comyn’s direction Fiona bell and Declan Conlon are pitch perfect

Sunday Tribune

Comyn directs with a relentless, almost Brechtian detachment that is entirely courageous … and there is no room for simulation: the actors blaze with reality

Sunday Independent